Saucer Country #3

Cover ImageJul 1 | 2012

Writing: Paul Cornell
Art: Ryan kelly
Colour: Giulia Brusco
Letters: Sal Cipriano
Cover: Ryan kelly

Alvarado consults with the ufologist, Michael undergoes hypnosis, Harry leaks some stuff to a radio station, and a group of brilliant engineers interested in ufos have a little friendly meeting.

I expected a leak to happen, but not necessarily this quickly. Things are moving steadily along and Alvarado’s life is clearly going to get difficult. Harry struck me as being a close friend to her, so it baffles me why he would do something so potentially devastating for her. He had spoken of wanting to help her and support in previous issues, but this just seems so… jerkfaced. Nice one, Harry. Still, it’s a little difficult for me to swallow. Hopefully a future issue will give me some perspective so it doesn’t feel too contrived.

The Pioneer couple still baffle my mind, and when Michael underwent hypnosis and all the aliens were replaced with rabbits to help him cope better, it really disturbed me. That somehow was worse than seeing the aliens proper.

This other group that came into the picture intrigues me, too. There’ll be some kind of trouble, I think. I’m not sure what, but it just feels like it. too many outside things are starting to learn things and that could be very dangerous for our candidate.

This has been another great issue. It’s been a very thoughtful read as I try and piece things together and predict where it’s going. I can only hope it keeps the quality and consistency. Being three issues in, I’m certain it’ll be just fine.

Another creepy cover, too.

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