Ghosted #1


Jul 2013 | Image

Writing: Joshua Williamson
Art: Goran Sudzuka
Colour: Miroslav Mrva
Letters: Rus Wooton
Cover: Sean Phillips

Jason Winters is a master criminal doing time from his last heist going south. He’s broken out of jail thanks to an old, eccentric man who wants him to steal a ghost to complete his collection of occult stuffs.

So I bought the first three of this having no clue about anything other than there were ghosts on the cover of issue three, so I picked them up to help fill in the ranks of my 31 Books of Thulhuween thing I’ve got going on around here. When it started with a guy in prison, I immediately went the haunted prison route, but he got out for a reason far more interesting. How the heck is he going to steal a ghost, or fake it? I’m thinking with the ghost hunters he’ll try and swindle the old guy and take his money and run. Then we have the psychic that isn’t one of his hand-picked team members. She seems to have an agenda of her own, unless this task isn’t really what’s what and just a cover for something more sinister. Questions! I need answers! I’ve a feeling the other two issues I have are going to go way too quickly.

For the art, I like it. It’s got the horror look and the ghosties were nice ‘n horrible, which is the important thing. If the awfuls look dumb in a horror comic, it will lessen the experience. Poor concepts can do the same, but this book is off to a good start. I’m intrigued and hooked and glad I got the first few blindly. This is so added to my pull list.


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