28 Days Later: London Calling

CoverAug 2010 | Boom! Studios

Writing: Michael Alan Nelson
Art: Brett Weldele | Tim Bradstreet | Declan Shalvey | Sean Phillips
Pencils: Declan Shalvey
Colour: Nick Filardi
Letters: Ed Dukeshire
Cover: Tim Bradstreet

Collects issues #1-4

Taking place after events of the movie, Selena is asked by a reporter to be a guide through London so he can get his scoop and report what authorities won’t. Accepting, the group is in for a rough time and the seemingly simple task of breaking through quarantine prove that Selena’s right after all: you can’t expect, nor think you’re prepared for this.

This book is everything I hoped it to be and right in line with the movie in terms of quality. It feels like you’ve picked up right where you left off with the Selena behaving as you’d expect and the events and conflicts believably presented and resolved. There was maddening issues with the group for a little while. I didn’t expect people to warm up to Selena, but by gods nameless, did it still infuriate me at times. I mean this in good ways. The stunt that bitter chick pulled out of spiteful revenge was shockingly unexpected. I was afraid the resolution of that would go down the crap tube, but it got handled quickly in a satisfying way I won’t spoil.

The art is just perfect, too. It’s dark, gritty, visceral. I’ve fallen hard for this book and I’m gonna have to splurge on everything very soon. I HAVE to know what happens!


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