Gravel #2

Mar 2008 | Avatar

Writing: Warren Ellis
Colour: Greg Waller
Art: Raulo Caceres
Cover: Mike Wolfer

The Stables of the Dead

Gravel continues his quest for the Sigsand Manuscript fragments and deals with another member of the Minor Seven who has control over a herd of ghost horses.

Well, this member of the Minor Seven used interesting magic. She manifested all spectral-ghost-like to Gravel, attempted negotiations were made, then we got down into violence where Gravel had to deal with ghost horses for several pages. We got a little bit more into things and learned the people he’s fighting against are basically scared of him, but deeper plot hasn’t surfaced yet. Overall, it was an interesting issue, but I hoped for more twisted disturbies like the previous issue. There’s still time. Fingers crossed for the next issue.


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