Ghosted #2

coverAug 2013 | Image

Writing: Joshua Williamson
Art: Goran Sudzuka
Colour: Miroslav Mrva
Letters: Rus Wooton
Cover: Sean Phillips

The group learn the history of the of Trask Mansion and scoop out the mansion in daylight hours. A local cop is dealt with, Trick discovers something really, really crazy, and Edzia needs an item from their employer.

Well, it’s nice to see we have a house that were the home of a nice butchering family. We also saw some spooks and definite signs of haunting, despite most of the group being oblivious. I expect things to get real in the next issue and can’t wait to see just what Jackson’s plan for stealing a ghost is. It’s what I’m mostly hung up on since the only thing I can think of is Ghostbusters or magic and magic doesn’t seem to be a thing, here. Anderson’s dealing with the cop makes me think more that this really isn’t about capturing a ghost. There’s obviously something the more to this thing even if it that ends up to be the case. Oh, the possible layers! I must have more!


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