Bushido #1


Oct 2013 | Top Cow

Writing: Rob Levin
Art: Jessada Sutthi | Studio HIVE
Letters: Troy Peteri
Cover: Studio HIVE

Kichiro, the sole survivor of a ship beset by vampire pirates, is found and raised by a samurai and trained in the art of Bushido. When the woman he loves is given to his bother, he plans to leave Edo, only to discover vampire planning to bring down the Shogunate.

I’ve sat staring at a cursor for a long period of time trying to figure out just how to explain what I don’t like about this book and in what order. The strongest point is my inability to believe the setting and events therein. I believe I would attribute this to the writing and pacing of the story. It moves very quickly and lacks details to which I’m accustomed to seeing from the plethora of period dramas I enjoy watching. It feels simplified the way westerners tend to do with such material.

Moving onto the art, I’m not really feeling it. It’s rather dead and lifeless lacking something which I can’t put my finger on. It’s not horrible, everything is drawn well, it’s just banal to me. The pages are just plain, ordinary pictures.

All that being said, our cliffhanger at the end is something we haven’t seen more than 100 times over. That was sarcasm. Ugh. Just. Ugh. I even picked up the second issue this week. how sad. Well, it happens. Perhaps the second issue will be better.


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