Bushido #2


Oct 2013 | Top Cow

Writing: Rob Levin
Art: Jessada Sutthi | Studio HIVE
Letters: Troy Peteri
Cover: Studio HIVE

Despite Kichiro knowing Edo’s threat and his brother Orochi seeing the vampires for himself, he doesn’t believe Kichiro and will still see him die, but not before he marries Michiru.

Things did not improve. I’d say they are even worse. The blind contempt Kichiro’s brother has for him is so arbitrary it disgusts me. That after EVERYTHING, he would still cling to the notion of jealousy. Let’s not forget in the previous issue where Kichiro speaks of his past, there is no sign of any animosity between the two other than Orochi’s jealousy from the extra lessons Kichiro gets from his father because he sucks. That makes a whole lotta sense. It’s clear the only obstacle to stand in the way of our hero saving Edo from the vampires is an idiot brother too stupid to make the right choices.. If he reacts this way to Kichiro, imagine what he’s like as a normal person. How the hell did he get the Shogun’s daughter? One would answer because his father is a close friend, but by all the higher powers of the universe, there are more and better choices than him. And don’t get me started on Michiru. Her behaviour hasn’t been too believable, either. It’s like no one knows how to write her, and I can see what’s trying to be done there. It’s something I’ve seen quite often in several period dramas, but a bunch of idiots together don’t make a smart person and Kichiro is just as blindly stupid as his brother in regards to her. And at the wedding! He felt -proud- for Orochi? He’ll make a fine Shogun? Are you effing kidding me?! The idiot brother that wants him dead and won’t do ANYTHING Kichiro suggest, regardless of how smart or little it is. That’s some pretty blind devotion there I don’t buy at all. Why? Because it is convenient to the story.

Done, done done! I can’t take it anymore! No more. Waste of money!



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