Gravel #3

Jul 2008 | Avatar

Writing: Warren Ellis | Mike Wolfer
Colour: Juanmar
Art: Oscar Jimenez
Cover: Arianna Osborne | Mike Wolfer | Raulo Caceres | Juanmar

On Ilkley moor Baht’ At

Gravel has a chat with Sykes, the oldest of the Minor Seven, at his moor and learns a bit more about the Sigsand Manuscript.

At last! Finally I learn a little bit more about the manuscript and why everyone wants it. I’d never read any of the previous books Gravel appeared in, so I wondered if it were something I’d have known had I have done. Now I feel far more comfortable to read it knowing it wasn’t required reading.

I didn’t expect the outcome, but I knew he’d have the third page of the Sigsand by the end of it. Thus far, we’ve established a good pattern of him getting a page each issue. I can’t honestly say i know where it’s going other than I suspect he will gain the entire thing and something not entirely good will come out of it.

Despite the book merely being an informative one filling in some blanks, it provides some useful information likely to be important when things start getting serious in the future. I’d still like to see more horribles and gore. It’s what I love about Avatar.


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