Clive Barker’s Hellraiser #1

CoverMar 2011 | Boom!

Writing: Clive Barker | Christopher Monfette
Art: Mark Pacella | Leonardo Manco
Colour: Charlie Kirchoff
Cover: Clive Barker | Tim Bradstreet
Letters: Travis Lanham

Pursuit of the Flesh Part 1

Pinhead grows bored of the usual grind and seeks new experiences, but it order to become human, he must bring an exchange.

The quality of writing in this book is everything I have come to love in the movies. Pinhead’s prose has always done things to me and this book recaptures all that I’ve ever loved of this lovable disturby and before I knew it, the issue was over. I want Pinhead to succeed. I know the replacement, but have not read it. I’ve seen the covers, and I hope we follow that side of events when things come to it.

This certainly started with a bit of a different tone than the movies. We get more inside Pinhead’s mind; we get a sense of his boredom and I feel for the guy. It’s always rough when you have a job that’s something you enjoy and then as all the years pass away and erode you, all that’s left is a dull and sucking life. I’m curious how all of it will resolve, or at least the next steps. I enjoyed his encounter with his human helper. He is not completely evil as the world paints most victims, but it humanizes him in a way we haven’t really seen. And oh, Kirsty Cotton. We all wanted her back, still alive and broken from her past experiences. This will get better.

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