Gravel #4

Mar 2008 | Avatar

Writing: Warren Ellis | Mie Wolfer
Colour: Juanmar
Art: Oscar Jimenez
Cover: Mike Wolfer

Ascension By Assassination

After collecting half of the Sigsand, Gravel stashes the manuscript in a protected location only to have his next target find him first.

A good bit of action in this issue. Some poor acolytes got killed in a variety of satisfying ways bringing me back to my happy place and making up for lost time from all the talking previous issue. I really needed some of that.  This and Vampirella currently have the most action of what I’m currently reading that I can think of off-hand, but it’s far more viscerally satisfying in Gravel. It’s all about the graphic gore and Avatar is usually good for this which I why I love them so much. It’s like what you see in the goriest movies in print.

I’m still enjoying this book. The second issue had disappointed me with the ghost horses and lack of a horrible to top the one in the first issue, but now things are interesting plot-wise and there’s still a satisfying level of violence when I need it.


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