Gravel #5

Sep 2008 | Avatar

Writing: Warren Ellis | Mike Wolfer
Colour: Juanmar
Art: Oscar Jimenez
Cover: Mike Wolfer

The Furious Host

Gravel heads out to collect a fifth piece of the Sigsand from from the manor of the Minor Seven member he killed previously, only to be met with further resistance.

Another issue gone and he’s still without more manuscript pages; he’s fallen behind the pattern. We had some good action against the crazy guy and the host and I’m curious who that hobo looking guy with the black dog is. he was friendly, but what’s his agenda? Questions! What is he gonna do with all of the Sigsand? What would anyone else do with it? I had been hoping the others would have messed with it like the first one. That was such a wonderful horrible. Part of me still wants to see more of that and I’ll be greatly disappointed if I don’t get to see any more by the time it’s all over with.  That isn’t to say I’ll hate this book, it’ll just be a lingering pang.

After this is all over with, I’m tempted to pick up the previous stuff Gravel appeared in and see what that’s like. We’ll see how well I like this one and how I feel when it’s over.


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