Proof: Goatsucker

Cover2009 | Image

Writing: Alexander Grecian
Art: Riley Rossmo
Colour: Tyler Jenkins | Riley Rossmo
Letters: Alexander Grecian

Collects issues 1-5.

Agent John Prufrock, Proof, is a sasquatch, a sasquatch that happens to work for The Lodge, an organisation that investigates and works with the strange creatures that live in our world. Proof receives a new partner and investigates a sighting of the chupacabra. 

Riley Rossmo earned a place on my art stalking list when i first read this book. I really like it and I need to see what else he’s worked on. I really like his style and the creatures in the habitat, the faeries and that awful devil were magical things. Of course, there’s also the Goatsucker herself. I really need more. I currently only have the first two trades.

In an episode of Comic Chat, I had spoken about comics that could make great television shows. Proof is one of them. It’s intelligent, interesting, and everything is believable. They provide enough for everything to be reasonably explained in a non-supernatural manner. These are all normal creatures without magic or any other hocus-pocus tomfoolery. I think there’d be great appeal for this and it could be quite good with the right people on it.

One can dream.

This trade collects the first story of the series, Goatsucker, which entails tracking down the chupacabra who keeps changing skin while also getting us familiar with the Lodge and what it does. It also sets us up for the future with something very strange going on. The Goatsucker and a resident of the habitat all spoke of the same thing and eluded to some future mystery. Oh, curiosity!

It’s an excellent read for anyone who likes urban legends and I highly recommend it.


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