Bokurano: Ours vol. 1

CoverFeb 2010 | Viz Media

By: Mohiro Kitoh

During summer break at a beach, 15 kids explore a local seaside cave to find a strange man developing a game. Agree to be playtesters, the 15 friends soon find themselves mixed up in something very real, and very dangerous.

Fifteen enemies will attack the Earth

Something about that gave me chills. Granted, I knew what to expect having seen a few episodes of the anime, it still didn’t prepare me to read this. That was a long time ago and it’s mostly a fuzzy memory. The tone of the book is much more serious and depressing than what I can remember of the anime. The exposition revealing characters thoughts and pasts just further adds to gravity of what’s going on.

I can’t remember what happened to Kokopelli in the show. In the book, he just disappeared with only his glasses remaining. I have this suspicion he’s dead. With what happened to Waku Takashi, I think it’s true and I think it’s going to be a pattern. The police investigation surrounding his death is probably not going to go over well, either.

This was good. This is how I like my manga. I don’t like bubbly, crazy junk. I like disturbing, thoughtful stuff like this. I really should have picked up several volumes, but that’s okay. I will have more of this.


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