New Stuffs and Stuff

I realise it has been awhile since I have posted reviews or other such comic faff and that’s just the way it goes sometimes. I’ve been soaking in my love of video games as well as running two RPG campaigns, so the reading time I have has been going into reading game books and campaign planning.

I have fallen behind with some things as far as subscription boxes go, and there’s still a big stack of stuff on the coffee table to read, but this will be the next batch!


  • Kiss me, Satan #3 & #4
  • The Twilight Zone #1
  • Rocket Girl #1 – #3
  • Damian Son of Batman #1 – #3
  • Grindhouse: Doors Open at Midnight #3 – #4
  • Juice Squeezers #1
  • Samurai Jack #1
  • The Occultist #3 – #4


  • Pariah Vol. 1
  • MLP: Friendship is Magic Vol 1-3
  • Avengers AI Vol. 1: Human After All
  • TMNT Animated

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