Squiddy Thought Bytes #2

Abigail and the Snowman #1-4
2014 Boom!

Sometimes I can be a sucker for cute child-friendly stories and seeing a cover with some super-cute artwork is typically all it takes for me to swallow up everything there is available. This is one of those times. The cover of the first issue featured this cute little girl holding hands with an adorable monster. Done. Mine. Read. Enjoyed.

The story involves a human-raised yeti recently escaping from his government captors. He meets Abigail and the two become fast friends, only there are some people who want to capture him. It’s a tale of friendship and doing the right thing and is generally a very warm-hearted tale that progresses well over the four issues.

Of course, the art is a high point–cute. For the longest time Abigail reminded me of some british things I read in my youth and it took me a long time to place her until my brain remembered Beano. Abigail reminds me of Toots from The Bash Street Kids strip. It’s the hair and striped shirt what does it.

2005 Dark Horse

This very beautifully, and cutely, drawn book follows the adventures of a vampire child, Hipira, and his fairy friend, Soul, as they live their life in a city of eternal night. For a children’s book, it was a joy to read and something I would share with any little ones in my life.

Breath of Bones: A Tale of the Golem
2014 Dark Horse

Set in WWII, the story follows a small jewish town’s defense of their home with the help of a little magic. The story has a lot of heart, but I felt it missed the punch–not by much. It still made little squid tears and left me feeling a strange hollow emptiness at the end when I wanted to read more, but it was over.  I can’t quite really put my finger on that feeling, but I still loved it. I want a guardian golem of my own.

Avengers Assemble: Science Bros (TPB #2)
2013 Marvel

After volume 1, this really seemed to go down. So much happened in the first volume I felt it wasn’t quite finished. Instead, we move on to a new story and there just wasn’t any good transition and the story just didn’t live up to the previous. It’s of no surprise, really. Bendis is a hard act to follow and while the premise of this story is interesting, quite a lot of stuff goes on involving an old Black Widow assassination and Hulk being infected with this prehistoric weird. I don’t even think my mind is in a place to put together a cohesive explanation.  It isn’t terrible, I just didn’t want to move on from the events of the previous volume just yet.

Injustice Gods Among Us TPB #1-2
2013 DC

To be honest, I didn’t expect anything good to come out of these. The video game is enjoyable with an interesting story and I expected this prequel comic to be your mediocre, easily missed, attempt to milk a fan for extra cash.

I was seriously wrong.

Holy. Shit. Is it good. Superman is so off the rails behaving like such a spoiled brat you want him dead. The things he does to his friends and people went way darker than I anticipated and I couldn’t get enough of it. I couldn’t wait to see what other awful thing he did in his butthurt douchery and I’m eagerly awaiting my next volumes. The way volume two ended, I can’t get them soon enough.

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