Upkeep Complete & Halloween Readyings

Proper categorisation has been completed! WOO! However, I have noticed a lot of broken images for older posts. Boo! I had been using TinyPic as my image host, yet instead of seeing the “no longer hosted” placement image, I’m seeing very random, bizarre stuff instead. I’ll need to start going through them all and fixing them, so bear with me. I’m sorry for the missing covers and if you see something strange. It has been a shock to me, too.

October Nears!

October is just around the corner and for the entire month I’ll be reviewing only horror-themed titles to keep in the spirit of things. My reviews shall continue as normal until we slide into to October and I will be digging through my collection for things to read, re-read, as well as focusing most of my acquisitions to the subject.

Destroying My Pull List

My backloggery of comics seems to have spiraled out of control again. Too many books and I just woudn’t read them. They would sit and sit and sit as my mornings shifted towards other rituals, mainly AD&D campaign planning and keeping up with other gaming related stuff in the forms of magazines and blogs.

Yes, it’s sad. I know. I intend to rectify that and schedule time so such loves won’t be neglected and my activity here at Super Nice resumes back to its healthy, active self.

The hardest part of this process involved managing my pull list. Keeping things simple, I wiped it all clean. I had fallen so behind on my news, I didn’t know which books had ended or even where I sat inventory-wise.

Once I told myself I could easily get back issues or invest in TPBs to resume my readings from catching up, the decision came more easily. I can always go back to things. They will always be there.

As of today, my pull list is completely blank! It’s like venturing into the world of comics again for the first time. It’s a clean slate ready to be filled with new things to love and hate. I’m very excited.

Is This Really An Update?!

Does time ever fly! Every moment I thought to take a few minutes out of my day to post something here, distractions happened.

It has been a sad couple months. My LCS Comic Evolution stopped subscription services and went entirely to selling TPBs online. I can still visit the store by appointment, so it is not entirely sad. However, it did put me in a state of limbo regarding my subscriptions. I had been doing a half-digital half-print mix, my absolute must haves being print. I am still in a state of flux wondering if I wish to move my prints to digitals, or just wait it out and pick up TPBs for those. My indecisiveness has caused me to fall behind.

I have continued getting digitals and have picked up a few interesting TPBs over this time. Ones that stand out include: Dear Creature, and The Complete Essex County. I have yet to finish reading them.

I have dropped quite a number of titles in that time, too. When DC’s New 52 started coming out, I was crazy enough to pick each of them up. Many of those got the drop, but I was happy to see them all. Some other titles I tried or had been reading also got the axe. Some titles I fell too far behind on, while others were ones I was interested in trying but never did. The list is as follows:

Chip ’n Dale Rescue Rangers
Darkwing Duck
Donald Duck and Friends
Elric The Balance Lost
Black Powder
American Vampire
Batman & Robin
Green Lantern
Justice League
Resurrection Man
Wonder Woman
A Game of Thrones
Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time The Eye of the World
The Last of the Greats
Pilot Season: City of Refuge
Pilot Season: Test
Pilot Season: The Beauty
Red Spike
Amazing Spider-Man
Iron Man 2.0

I will be sorting out my pull list and seeing what I feel is worth continuing and what I’m going to do about my prints. I should have my comic life sorted out in time for next week’s releases. I can’t go too long without a fix.

Super Nice Upkeep

Fantasia Broom FigurineAs I am returning to my home, a 34 hour journey, and unable to simply sit and read the books I had acquired and brought with me, I have decided to do some upkeep here at Super Nice. I have switched to a different theme, deciding the one I had was not too friendly on the eyes, and have a short checklist of things I would like to accomplish:

  • Organize Categories. I have reviewed a lot of different books. The category listing is out of control, so I’ve opted to further organize them by publisher. I realize not everyone keeps up on who publishes what, but there’s always the search box. I also did not the idea of alphabetical categories. While that might make things easier to find, I still feel it to be as bloated as what I have now.
  • Fix Broken Covers. I know some are broken. Some do not show up, and some have very odd photos instead. That may take a long time, but it needs to be done.
  • Tags. I hate tags, but they can be helpful. I hope to weed out useless tags and only keep relevant, meaningful ones.
  • Simplify. My sidebar is cluttered. I want to fix that.
  • Calendar. I’m tempted to keep a public calendar here to keep track of releases. It is a low priority; something that has been rolling around in my brain for awhile.

I apologize for any weirdness that may occur while sorting through categories and posts, but it’s time for some spring cleaning.


Reading List February 6

Again, it has been awhile since I’ve posted reviews, but I have still been reading and have been trying hard to actually find things to say. Lately, what I’ve read just hasn’t had any real impact on me beyond a few lines which seems a waste to post. I’m not sure if it’s a motivational thing, the books were really that bleh, or I should increase my caffeinne intake. Whatever the case, I’m doing my best to change that right now.

I’ve been going through my comic box, and my blog to see where I stand with some things I had been reading so I can go back, reread them, and hope that the second time around will spawn some words of inspiration. I’ve also got a reading list.

This Week’s List

A Skeleton Story #1
Artifacts #1
Batman & Robin #2
Batman Confidential #4
Batman Incorporated #1
Cold Space #1
Cyclops #1
Crossed Family Values #1
Echo #13
Gore #1
Hotwire #3
Infestation #1
Irredeemable #5
Memoir #1
Superior #1
The Walking Dead #2
Wolverine And Jubilee #1

There are a lot more books I’d like to read, including more from series I have already been reviewing, but I’m really excited to get to these.

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