Squiddy’s Comic Chat: Episode #11

Squiddy's Comic Chat11

Squiddy is mostly over her illness and managed to get out and deal with two weeks worth of comic pulls and came out with far less than she thought she would going in.

And she remembered to talk a little about Thulhuween and her disappointment of being ill and missing her 31 book goal.

Have a listen to the episode here.


  • Ghosted #5
  • Grindhouse Doors open at Midnight #2
  • Drumhellar #1
  • Occultist #2
  • Protectors Inc. #1
  • Steampunk Halloween 2013
  • Ash and the Army of Darkness #1
  • Clive Barker’s Hellraiser 2013 Annual
  • Forever Evil A.R.Gu.S. #1
  • Fox #1
  • Thor The Crown of Fools #1
  • Zombie Tramp Volume 2 #1


  • Miss Fury: Anger is an Energy
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. Origins


  • Gantz Vol 3
  • Bokurano Vol 2

Squiddy’s Comic Chat: Episode #10

Squiddy's Comic Chat10Another day of new comics has come and went and Squiddy is quite excited about a few new ones. She also talks about some changes to Super Nice and her Sunday show.

Enjoy a listen here


This Week’s Pulls

For Singles

  • Kiss Me, Satan #2
  • Army of Darkness Reanimator one-shot
  • Department of Monsterology #1
  • Pretty Deadly #1
  • Rat Queens #1
  • Vampirella Halloween Special 2013
  • Velvet #1
  • The Other Dead 1-2

For Trades

  • iZombie vol 2 uVampire
  • Proof vol 3: Thunderbirds Are Go!
  • Grimm Fairy Tales Volume 3
  • A Distant Soil – The Gathering
  • The Massive vol 1 Black Pacific

and Manga

  • Gantz Vol 2
  • Bokurano Vol 1
  • Afterschool Charisma vol 1
  • The Bride of the Water God Vol 1

Squiddy’s Comic Chat: Episode #9

Squiddy's Comic Chat9In today’s belated Sunday show, Squiddy talks Alien crossovers while also mentioning a few other painful horror-related crossovers she has been exposed to. She finishing things up with a few news items and some upcoming things she’s excited about including Dynamite Entertainment’s Twilight Zone.

Enjoy the belated episode here.

Squiddy’s Comic Chat: Episode #8

Squiddy's Comic Chat8Despite working on three hours of sleep, Squiddy decided to go ahead and record today’s show regardless. She talks about what happened at the X-Files 20th Anniversary panel at NYCC and a new Marvel & Disney collaboration. Of course, there’s still the usual stuff of what she saw, what she bought, what she read, and what she’s looking forward to.

Try and enjoy this episode and have a listen here.

Squiddy’s Comic Chat: Episode #7

Squiddy's Comic Chat7Another week and NYCC in full swing dumping all sorts of comic news upon the ravenous fans. Squiddy has had a hard time focusing on all the good things, and all the bad things, emerging from the east coast. Her mind has been distracted on the grim news that Syrian editorial cartoonist Akram Raslan, winner of 2013 winner of Cartoonists Rights Network International Award for Courage in editorial cartooning has recently been taken out of imprisonment and executed. He had been in captivity since last July after being taken from his newspaper office and now rests in a mass grave. The news is grim and frightening to realise that editorial cartooning can get you killed in some places of the world and it’s not right at all.

Grim news aside, Squiddy moves on to talk about some things she’s excited for, happy that her pull list will be growing.

Enjoy this episode here.

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