Toxic Flange

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1980 | 2 Guys Publishing

Everything: Mark Fisher | Andy Poynor

With a cover like that, how could I resist, though $7 was a bit steep. The art inside is just as detailed and clean, but pure black and white.

It’s actually more of a magazine format, containing several stories and and art, most of them bizarre.

Give or Take a Million is a science fiction story involving a man whose spaceship crashed on earth 26 million years ago. He didn’t have want he needed to repair his ship, so he thought He’d make a time machine to propel him a billion years into the future when the life on the planet should be intelligent enough to craft the bits he need. After that, he’d return back to the past, repair his ship, and return home. Only his plan doesn’t exactly work. It’s a very short comic lasting all of three pages. The punch line is only mildly comical.

Amino Men involves a cube spaceship crashing on Earth containing life forms essentially made from clumped amino acids. These things also looked like curvy french fries. People loved them and soon everything bore their weird french fry curved images. Things changed as other aliens arrived leaving the Amino’s to be drunk homeless hobos.

Another comic involves a confessing clown getting eaten by what appears to be some sort of alien locust.

As you can see, these are bizarre stories and all of them are just like that. It’s very hard to critique them. They are very creative, but I feel as if I should have a few beers in me in order to fully appreciate them. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the experience, however, it’s nice to see a little old, trippy stuff.

I’m glad I did pick this up, though. It’s one of those good bizarre pieces every collection needs.

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