Sonic Universe – Issues #1-2

I have been collecting comics for donkey’s years and probably will until my dying day. And as the years pass, my tastes change. Things I once adored I’ll never touch, and things I’d never read, I covet.

So here’s Sonic Universe. I had always been a sort of, mild, Sonic fan. I had watched a few episodes of the first cartoon series that hit television. I had played a few of the games on the Genesis and Game Gear, but they never held my interest enough for me to finish. I never once considered myself a fan until I had played Sonic Unleashed on PS3.

I loved that game. I loved the storytelling and all the elements of the game. It really made me feel young, sorta like the “Mega Man 9 Effect.” I devoured that game. Sure, I haven’t finished it yet, because I actually care about 100% completion.

And so a visit to my LCS I ventured where they keep their kiddie comics. The first 2 issues of Sonic Universe caught my eye. It looked neat, they were inexpensive, and it was Sonic. I really wanted more of that child nostalgia feeling.

The first issue did a fairly good job. If it were more of 1st issue and not a 1st issue of a side story of two ongoing series, it would have been easier to swallow. Still, the recaps did give me an idea of what had been going on.

The second issue pretty much killed everything. It did continue the events of Shadow, but with so many flashbacks creating a pacing problem, I felt cheated.

Flashbacks are a useful tool in story-telling, but they should be used carefully, or the significance and depth become lost. There are many alternative ways to give someone back information, an the way they were used in this issue was ridiculous and unnecessary. We didn’t need to see that at all. We know Sonic and Shadow don’t get on well, even the times they work together, the tension is there. And if the references to the Ark are important to future issues, fine. It still should have been done differently.

I’m very worked up about this. I’m halfway through the series wondering if I should bother spending the few dollars to finish it off. It’s hard to even believe how downhill it went.

And here’s the other issue. If I was reading STH and SX, would my opinions differ? I have no way of knowing and the quality having dropped makes me leery of even going back to collect TPBs and catch up. I certainly would have a better grasp on events and characters, but storytelling and format of the second issue would still bother me.

sigh I have plenty of time to think about this before #3 ships. We’ll just have to see.

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