Executive Assistant Iris – #0

Apr 2009 – Aspen

Creators: David Wohl | Brad Foxhoven | Michael Turner
Story: David Wohl
Art: Eduardo Francisco
Ink: Jason Gorder | Eduardo Francisco
Colour: Peter Steigerwald
Letters: Josh Reed

I’m a huge fan of Aspen thanks to Michael Turner’s awesome work and the great books that have been released over the years. Of course I’m going to buy this. The sexy cover, though, happened to have more weight than my love of the publisher. It also doesn’t help that I have a thing for Asian women.

This title snuck up on me. I knew nothing about it until I saw it on the shelf, so I had to ask my comic pimp about he in which he was certain, without doubt, that I’d totally fall for this chick- A hot, Asian killing machine. Which is exactly what happened.

Iris is one hot piece of eye candy. Beautiful in her business attire and even more alluring on assignment. Of course the rest of this book looks good too, when you take the time to notice, but she certainly steals the show. The rest of this comic could look like crap and I wouldn’t care.

You don’t get too much insight into her inner workings. We do know she’s loyal to her boss as the executive assistant for her possibly Chinese Tong boss. We also know she’s rather fond at her work and quite good at it too. Most of her lines are in exposition which introduces us to her world and the work she does. It’s pretty engaging and enough to hook me.

It is a given that somewhere down the road she’s going to start questioning her work, and I worry that it’s going to end up stupid. I really like how she is, bad, and I really don’t like it when my baddies turn the other cheek. I don’t if this will happen, I just have a strong suspicion seeping into my gut.

I really enjoyed reading this book, but again, I worry about the future. Still, I preordered it at Heavy Ink, mostly to avoid mulling it over at my LCS and drowning in doubts. We’ll just have to wait and see how good this series really is.

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