Ignition City #1

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Apr 2009 | Avatar

Writing: Warren Ellis
Art: Gianluca Pagliarani
Ink: Chris Drier
Colour: Digikore Studios

Mary is an explorer just like her father. She receives a telegram informing of her father’s death. Now she’s of to Ignition City for his affects.

There are so many things I like about this book. Yuri is one of them. That scene involving him and the poop was hilarious. I also like Piet -big tough guy with that awesome gun; the barmaid and her hardened working girl attitude. These are well-developed characters with wonderful personalities that really bring this world to life. And that letter Mary writes to her mother was spot-on along with the picture she drew as a child with her mother being this ugly, plain figure and her father so detailed—golden. You really get a good sense of what her past was like with that simple letter and a few memories.

The art is gorgeous! I love the setting and the pulp feel of it. It really makes me want to pull some old books out of my collection and make a day of it, which is entirely possible because I don’t have much in the way of that old.

I’m very impressed with this book. Everything is so brilliant. I’m not certain the type of story we’re given, but I do get a sense of adventure and mystery relating to her father’s death and I’m certainly looking forward to reading more.

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