Liberator #1


Jun 2013 | Black Mask Studios

Writing: Matt Minder
Colour: Beth Sotelo | Joaquin Pereyra | Tim Seely | Rod Reis
Art: Tim Seely | Yildiray Cinar | Javier Aranda | Joel Gomez | Rod Reis | Yasmin Liang
Letters: Vito Delsante
Cover: Beth Sotelo | Yildiray Cinar | Joel Gomez | Rod Reis | Yasmin Liang

Damon is a vigilante determined to put an end of animal cruelty.

This book came on a bit too strong on the subject, particularly the protest side of things and overall it feels really preachy in an odd kind of  propaganda sense from the overdose of all that self-righteous exposition that’s on par with Stan Lee’s early stuff. I can see what’s going on, so you don’t have to narrate your righteous anger all the effing time.

I don’t even care about the character, who is clearly a bit of a paranoid considering he mistook some kid’s uncle for an abuser just because how the scene looked to him. Let’s just keep it to the animals, paranoid animal avenger man of seething righteous indignation.

Is there anything good about this book? The cover and most of the interior art if you can get over all those unnecessary words getting in the way.

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