Zombie Commandos From Hell #1

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2000 | Boneyard Press

Story: Steph Dumais
Art: Steph Dumais | Jake Karns
Script: Steph Dumais | Jake Karns

Mother Earth is angry at humanity and made a deal with Satan to supply his minions with bodies so the genocide could commence. And the commandos are on the move to take out one outpost.

Wow. This has a lot of graphic violence and gore in it. Very satisfying to see. I like it. All violence and gore. I don’t really care about the plot. I just like seeing all that gore. In fact, I really didn’t pay much attention to the plot. I started reading it, then I just focused on all the pretty art. I should try and read it again, but I think the art will hypnotize me again.

Zombies fully capable of thought and speech are totally awesome. I get tired of the same old undead, but technically they’re really Satan’s minions possessing the dead, so not exactly Zombies.

I really like the design for this book, how the panels and bubbles are arranged. It’s very stylish and looks really nice. It’s different from the typical which really appeals to me.

This isn’t very high on the priority list, but I have a feeling I’ll eventually pick up more of this. That art is awesome.

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