Clive Barker’s Hellraiser #2

CoverApr 2011 | Boom!

Writing: Clive Barker | Christopher Monfette
Art: Leonardo Manco
Colour: Charlie Kirchoff | Jordie Bellaire
Cover: Tim Bradstreet
Letters: Travis Lanham

Pursuit of the Flesh Part 1

Kirsty and other survivors deal with another Lemarchand device: The Carousel and the box is now with a new owner.

The horribles from the carousel were nice. I particularly liked the giant-brained millipede thing. Unfortunate about the family that previously owned it. I don’t know why any of them would think they’d survive. They should have gotten them out of the house.

I had a feeling the box would end up with the boyfriend. I somehow knew it. I hope he doesn’t survive. Hellraiser is a thing of few survivors. Oh what sights will it show me next issue?

Clive Barker’s Hellraiser #1

CoverMar 2011 | Boom!

Writing: Clive Barker | Christopher Monfette
Art: Mark Pacella | Leonardo Manco
Colour: Charlie Kirchoff
Cover: Clive Barker | Tim Bradstreet
Letters: Travis Lanham

Pursuit of the Flesh Part 1

Pinhead grows bored of the usual grind and seeks new experiences, but it order to become human, he must bring an exchange.

The quality of writing in this book is everything I have come to love in the movies. Pinhead’s prose has always done things to me and this book recaptures all that I’ve ever loved of this lovable disturby and before I knew it, the issue was over. I want Pinhead to succeed. I know the replacement, but have not read it. I’ve seen the covers, and I hope we follow that side of events when things come to it.

This certainly started with a bit of a different tone than the movies. We get more inside Pinhead’s mind; we get a sense of his boredom and I feel for the guy. It’s always rough when you have a job that’s something you enjoy and then as all the years pass away and erode you, all that’s left is a dull and sucking life. I’m curious how all of it will resolve, or at least the next steps. I enjoyed his encounter with his human helper. He is not completely evil as the world paints most victims, but it humanizes him in a way we haven’t really seen. And oh, Kirsty Cotton. We all wanted her back, still alive and broken from her past experiences. This will get better.

28 Days Later: London Calling

CoverAug 2010 | Boom! Studios

Writing: Michael Alan Nelson
Art: Brett Weldele | Tim Bradstreet | Declan Shalvey | Sean Phillips
Pencils: Declan Shalvey
Colour: Nick Filardi
Letters: Ed Dukeshire
Cover: Tim Bradstreet

Collects issues #1-4

Taking place after events of the movie, Selena is asked by a reporter to be a guide through London so he can get his scoop and report what authorities won’t. Accepting, the group is in for a rough time and the seemingly simple task of breaking through quarantine prove that Selena’s right after all: you can’t expect, nor think you’re prepared for this.

This book is everything I hoped it to be and right in line with the movie in terms of quality. It feels like you’ve picked up right where you left off with the Selena behaving as you’d expect and the events and conflicts believably presented and resolved. There was maddening issues with the group for a little while. I didn’t expect people to warm up to Selena, but by gods nameless, did it still infuriate me at times. I mean this in good ways. The stunt that bitter chick pulled out of spiteful revenge was shockingly unexpected. I was afraid the resolution of that would go down the crap tube, but it got handled quickly in a satisfying way I won’t spoil.

The art is just perfect, too. It’s dark, gritty, visceral. I’ve fallen hard for this book and I’m gonna have to splurge on everything very soon. I HAVE to know what happens!

Irredeemable #4

Irredeemable 4 cover

July 2009 | Boom!

Creator: Mark Waid
Writing: Mark Waid
Art: Peter Krause
Colour: Andrew Dalhouse
Letters: Ed Dukeshire
Cover: Dan Panosian

Qubit tells his story of first meeting The Plutonian. Nations of the world gather to discuss this global crisis and almost every country is willing to offer the fallen super his every desire.

Another issue blows me away. Every time I ask myself, how could this get better? Each time I read the next, I’m left in awe gaping the last page.

This is brilliance. Everything I’ve ever wanted from an oversaturated genre and I don’t want it to stop.

There is a specific scene in this book that keeps haunting my mind. The scene where Qubit finally gets his answer to a question he asked when first meting the Plutonian. It was a beautiful moment that made me sit back in my chair and release a contented sigh.

If I were ever to meet Mark in person, I’d probably be filled with such joyous emotion, tears would spill down my cheeks.

And the art. The story wouldn’t have the deep impact without Peter’s wonderful art. And how about Dan’s cover? So beautiful. I’d love a poster of that to put on my wall.

I’ve used all the words left in me. This series is wonderful. Just read it. Go to your local comic store, or online seller, and just buy it. Right now.

Blood Bowl – Killer Contract #1

May 2008 | Boom!

Writing: Matt Forbeck
Art: Lads Helloven
Colour: Lads Helloven
Letters: Ed Dukeshire
Cover: Lads Heloven | Moritat

It’s the Bad Bay Hackers versus the Orcland Raiders in the ultimate grudge match. There’s more than just the game, to worry about, there’s an assassin on the Hacker’s team. In order for him to get a chance to take out his target, the Hackers must advance.

I’m a huge fan of Games Workshop and practically everything they produce. I remember playing the Blood Bowl game with friends over lunch breaks and while I’ve never been a fan of football, playing this violent strategic version was always great fun. It’s been years, though, since I’ve had anything to do with it. I had sold all my miniatures off a long time ago. Seeing this comic on the shelf, I thought I’d give it a go. It left me grinning.

The comic opens in the middle of a Blood Bowl game between the Bad Bay Hackers and Orcland Raiders with some wonderful violence and commentary.

What I love about this comic is how true it is to the game. It isn’t Blood Bowl without death, extreme violence, and some heads mistaken for footballs. It really brings back some fond memories. Matt Forbeck has done some great writing, especially with the commentary, and I like the care he’s taken to flesh out the world and place this sport in the fantasy setting where it lives. Thousands of spectators watching the game in their crystal balls, it’s just so creative, and the sponsors got a chuckle from me, too. It was a fun read.

Those undead teams get all the best players — eventually!

The messy style of art goes well with the brutality of the game and the gore is quite satisfying. With a cover like that, I was certain I’d be pleased with the interior.

All-in-all, this was entertaining — purely gratuitous, but entertaining. I’ll likely pick up more of this mostly to see what the next team like, but I must admit I am curious to know more about our killer’s contract.

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