Blood Bowl – Killer Contract #1

May 2008 | Boom!

Writing: Matt Forbeck
Art: Lads Helloven
Colour: Lads Helloven
Letters: Ed Dukeshire
Cover: Lads Heloven | Moritat

It’s the Bad Bay Hackers versus the Orcland Raiders in the ultimate grudge match. There’s more than just the game, to worry about, there’s an assassin on the Hacker’s team. In order for him to get a chance to take out his target, the Hackers must advance.

I’m a huge fan of Games Workshop and practically everything they produce. I remember playing the Blood Bowl game with friends over lunch breaks and while I’ve never been a fan of football, playing this violent strategic version was always great fun. It’s been years, though, since I’ve had anything to do with it. I had sold all my miniatures off a long time ago. Seeing this comic on the shelf, I thought I’d give it a go. It left me grinning.

The comic opens in the middle of a Blood Bowl game between the Bad Bay Hackers and Orcland Raiders with some wonderful violence and commentary.

What I love about this comic is how true it is to the game. It isn’t Blood Bowl without death, extreme violence, and some heads mistaken for footballs. It really brings back some fond memories. Matt Forbeck has done some great writing, especially with the commentary, and I like the care he’s taken to flesh out the world and place this sport in the fantasy setting where it lives. Thousands of spectators watching the game in their crystal balls, it’s just so creative, and the sponsors got a chuckle from me, too. It was a fun read.

Those undead teams get all the best players — eventually!

The messy style of art goes well with the brutality of the game and the gore is quite satisfying. With a cover like that, I was certain I’d be pleased with the interior.

All-in-all, this was entertaining — purely gratuitous, but entertaining. I’ll likely pick up more of this mostly to see what the next team like, but I must admit I am curious to know more about our killer’s contract.

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