The Muppet Show #1

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Mar 2009 | Boom!

Writing: Roger Langridge
Art: Roger Langridge
Colour: Digikore Studios
Letters: Deron Bennet

Kermit’s feeling down missing the swamp, and the crew do their best to try and cheer him up.

The Muppet Show makes a return to comics. The old cast is back and looking better than ever. This show is just as crazy and with the same humor following the same format of the old television show. – behind the scenes plot amidst humorous sketches.

I remember watching this show on television with my family. We really didn’t get into it until the tail end and the odd, rare random special. Reading this book is almost like reading a transcript of the show presented as a graphic novel.

And the truth comes out, miss piggy gets only one fan mail letter. I really hate the pig. All those scenes and movies with her and Kermit being a couple is enough to even give a hardcore junky nightmares. No one wants to see pig-frog babies. It’s bad enough seeing Miss Piggie burst out of a cake later in the issue. Gave me cold shivers, that did.

Ah, the Swedish Chef! I love the Swedish Chef! He’s always funny and I loved him in this issue. I need a Swedish Chef plushie to sit in the kitchen.

I loved reading this book. I’m a bit sad there’s only four issues, but ah well. It’s so good, I’ll take what I can get. This is going on my pull list.

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