Zombie Tales #2

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May 2008 | Boom!

The War at Home Part Two
Joe R. Lansdale
Art: Eduardo Barreto

Double Portrait
Story: Christine Boylan
Art: Hanzo Steinbach
Colour: Renato Faccini
Letters: Marshall Dillon

Story: Todd Lepre
Art: Chee

The War At Home Part Two
Blood and Ice Cream, At the Zoo

The veterans are held up at the hospital, still. Their current worry is where to go when the food runs out.

I thought I’d see the conclusion of this, but seems there’s more to this. I’m still liking it, though this issue wasn’t too interesting. An ice cream man bites the dust, zoo animals are set free, and the vets talk amongst themselves about the state of things. Things will probably pick up again next issue.

Double Portrait

An artist during the zombie plague reflects back on his life and evolution before finishing his last piece.

Art is viral.

If it bites enough people, it can infect a whole generation.

That’s a movement. Or a plague.

Awesome story. I really loved it, though it was mostly all exposition.  I’m so used to the typical zombie formula it always surprises me to find something different. I’m astonished that anyone can think outside the box.

This is easily one of my favorite zombie stories.


After a nuclear apocalypse a small group of three travel place to place searching for survivors and stumble upon a Shakespearean zombie theatre troupe.

This is my least favorite of the group. It didn’t draw me in. The art, the writing, none of it grabbed me. And when you get right down to it, whatever the outcome, it wouldn’t have mattered. Bleh.

Zombie Tales The Series #1

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Apr 2008 | Boom!

The War At Home Part One
Joe R. Lansdale
Art: Eduardo Berreto
Colour: Andrew Dollhouse
Letters: Marshall Dillon

People Person
Writing: Steve Niles
Art: Daniel Lafrance
Letters: Marshall Dillon

Spring 2061
Kim Krizan
Art: Jon Reed
Colour: Pablo Quiligotti
Letters: Marshall Dillon

This is another horror anthology, but centered specifically around zombies.

The War At Home Part 1
The Dead Get Busy

A veteran at a hospital is waiting for his pain pills. Unable to take it anymore, he gets in a wheelchair to find them. That’s when he stumbles into a zombie and a nurse. Seems the entire place is overrun, but he’s not alone. Two other vets stumble onto them, but the outlook is grim.

This story was a tease. Right when you get to the good part, tons of zombies after them, the impossible odds, it’s over. I have to wait until I read the next issue. Aside from that, though, I liked it. The pacing was nice and quick. There’s wasn’t any waiting around before the badness started. I’m not sure if I’m want them to survive or not. 

People Person

Scott ran a used bookstore in LA until the zombie plague happened, even turned his wife who still seems to have a thing for him. It’s time he let her her go.

I’m Soooo hungry, Scott. Let me eat you. Just a little nibble.

Really well written. I enjoyed reading this story. The conflict of dealing ith his life and the exposition of what his wife was like in life when the plague hit, how she turned. I love the grim wit and the ending. It would have been nice to see how things unfurled, but it probably weaken the story. My predisposition of violence tends to get the better of me sometimes. Especially when it comes to this type of horror.

Spring 2061

Zombies are the majority and run everything that humans did. There’s even a Zombie Dominance day that celebrates their rise to power. Humans still exist as food supply, bred and raised like cattle on farms. But there is one human wandering around disguised as a zombie.

The setting is awesomely disturbing. The nudie bar, that fashion show, seeing the meat section of the supermarket filled with human parts and even caged live ones… It’s so wonderful. I liked the farm where that fat human had that big feeding machine the zombies were dumping food into.

This was my favorite story, but the ending didn’t do it for me. In fact, all the scenes involving the humans in the cave seem alien. I wouldn’t have wasted the last pages of this book babbling about freedom and taking up arms. I think it would have been much stronger just centering around the grief of this woman having to live in this world as a zombie. I wouldn’t have given her any sort of hope other than that equal rights demonstration you see at the beginning. I would have kept it dark.

I’m thrilled to have actually liked all these stories. I’ll be reading more of this soon.

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