Tarot Witch of The Black Rose #2

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May 2000 | Broadsword Comics

Creator: Jim Balant
Artist: Jim Balant
Colour: Jim Balant | Holly Golightly
Letters: Holly Golightly

After a pumpkin monster made off with the little girl’s body, Tarot took the graveyard guardian to her spell room to heal his poisoned wounds. While resting, he has a romantic dream involving Tarot that ends with a warning and screams as he awakens.

When he finds Tarot drying from a bath, she makes him hot chocolate and weaves the tale of her family’s history, her sister Raven’s descent to evil, and her desire to resurrect her father and see a world ruled by witches. And she must be stopped before Halloween, tomorrow.

And the fan service continues in this issue with more nudity and the ladies’ gargantuan boobs. Really not something I like and the only problem I have with the art. They really look inflated to me.

This issue was mostly background. Knowing how and why Raven strayed from the path is something we need to know and it’s interesting. We also hear how Jon’s near death experience granted him the ability to see and communicate with the dead, which I suppose is useful. We now know who the dead goth chick was in the cemetery, but it wasn’t very interesting to read and I don’t really care much about that guy.

The writing hasn’t improved any. The exposition is just as cheesy as before and it’s very hard for me to believe I have so much of this series. I shall press on only to get my money’s worth. I’m not hoping for any miracles, though.


Tarot – Witch of The Black Rose #1

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Mar 1999 | Broadsword Comics

Writing: Jim Balent
Art: Jim Balent
Colour: Holly Golightly
Letters: Holly Golightly

When I started clearing up that same comic mess that unearthed the He-Man mini comic recently reviewed, I also found the first half of my Tarot collection. I’m not sure the reasons I’d want to re-read this, but the urge struck and I did.

Looking at the cover you can probably see what drove me to purchase it to begin with. The interior art is just as, provocative and has a lot of over-the-top elements I typically despise in comics these days.

The writing is very good most of the time, but at points it’s laughably stupid reading like some horrible adult novel. The image of Tarot scantily clad in her battle armor is also another "stupid" moment. It’s no wonder that I’ve stopped reading it and collect it merely for the eye-candy. Though, who knows? Maybe in re-reading this I’ll actually catch up.

Now would probably be a good time to say a few words regarding the story. If you hadn’t guessed by the title, it’s all about witchcraft. Tarot is a Witch of The Black Rose, a coven tasked with guarding the two books of witchcraft in order to avoid another witch-burning massacre. Of course, another member of the coven runs off with it on a diabolical quest of vengeance to those fallen, and this girl happens to be Tarot’s sister.

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