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Mar 2008 | Cartoon Books

Everything: Jeff Smith
Cover Colour: Steve Hamaker

Rasl is an art thief with an extraordinary ability to travel through dimensions. His latest heist went wrong and he finds himself in a different word with an assassin gunning for him.

This issue was as compelling as it was confusing until I got to the end and realized this whole “drift” thing translated into some sort of dimension hopping in a weird between-the-lines-way.

I really want to know what’s going on. Why this weird looking assassin after him, which couldn’t have anything to do with his art. That would be strange. I also want to know more about this drifting.

I think, given time, this series will shape up nicely. It had a shakey beginning, but this issue isn’t enough to pass any judgment.  I want to see how things shape up over a few issues before deciding. This might be one of those series better experienced as a whole than serialized.

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