Midnight Tales #1

CoverDec 1972 | Charlton

Creator: Wayne Howard
Writing: Nicola Cuti
Art: Joe Staton

Arachne brings home a college boyfriend, Lupus, for dinner. She and her uncle recount the tales behind several relics he owns in his collection. The first tale is of a scroll containing Arachne’s secret weaving technique, the second is of a girl preserved inside a doll, and the final, told by Lupus, is of a hunter searching for the last of a species.

This is an interesting collection of short stories interwoven over a family dinner date. They were pretty standard faire for the genre and moved too quickly for any suspense to really build or be felt. The first tale I found to be the most interesting and the second tale I wish were fleshed out better. It would have made a nice full-fledged issue alone. The last tale was my least favourite.

While interesting that that these stories were stories within the main story, the resolution at the end is less than desirable. In the middle of the book, it seems Arachne and the professor know Lupus’ secret and you expect these stories to go somewhere. Unfortunately the road you expect isn’t taken and it just ends with a fizzle. Bleh. Mediocrity.

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