Consortium of Justice #1

Consortium of Justice #1 Cover


2008 | Chimaera Studios

Writing: George T. Singley | Jim Mitchel
Art: Marcio Takara.
Letters: Benjamin Morse

Magnate, after destroying one world, has moved onto another – Earth. It is time for the Consortium of Justice to be reborn and deal with this new threat to humanity.

I have never been a huge fan of supers, but find myself endlessly drawn to them. I can’t ever stomach their flawless good natures and those cheesy lines. It all just seems so clichéd and so recycled, the same stories, just different people and places.

The cartoony art style drew my interest in this book and the snappy cover. I also wanted something entirely different to read from my latest list, plus, being bored with money tends to lead to more impulse buying that doesn’t always end well.

This issue was interesting. I felt like I was jumping in the middle of something, despite it being a first issue. Still, the action moved fast and I didn’t find myself confused with the chain of events. I’m glad it all went down as it did rather than something slow ending just when something awesome is going to happen. It’s difficult for me to be excited about this, though. It was just okay. I’m undecided if I want to read the next issue.

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