The Amazon #1

Mar 1989 | Comico

Creator: Steve Seagle
Writer: Tim Sale
Colour: Matthew Waddington
Letters: Bob Pinaha

We follow an American reporter visiting the Amazon to investigate a missing American worker from an American-backed timber company, the D’Orellana Corporation which soon branches into something more as he learns of someone sabotaging it’s operations. Is it the missing worker, an angry local tribe, or the spirits of the Amazon itself?

There’s a lot of exposition in this book mostly from it being based on the reporters journal. He writes a lot of observations on the events surrounding the Amazon, from the deforestation to the missionaries converting the local tribes to Christianity. It’s definitely influenced by the events that were really occurring down there at the time. The writing isn’t terrible, it’s actually quite good. The subject matter just makes me feel like I’m reading one of those old propaganda comics.

The art isn’t anything spectacular. Just another five-colour that’s pretty much mediocre.

This is an unusual element of my collection. I had picked it up for practically nothing a few years back and this is the first time reading it through. I’m pretty certain I wouldn’t have picked this up, otherwise. The story isn’t interesting enough and really doesn’t appeal to me at all. Since I’ve gone this far, and only two issue remain, I’ll finish it off just for reviewing.

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