Crossovers #1

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Feb 2003 | CrossGen

Writing: Robert Rodi

Pencils: Mauricet

Ink: Ernie Colon

Colour: Mark McNabb

Letters: Troy Peteri

In Crosstown’s modern day suburbia, the Crossovers are far from a normal family. Each of them embodies a unique stereotype from a variety of comic genres, the super hero, fantasy princess, vampire hunter, alien-touched boy-genius, and the family dog. However, they’ve managed to keep their secret identities from the rest of the family. All that will soon change as each of their arch-nemesis learn of their family.

It’s of no surprise I tend to like books like this. Following the life of a suburban family made up of supers that have somehow managed to keep their identities from each other is a pretty good concept. I’m not sure how they’ve managed for so long, but since the son got his powers after an alien abduction and the daughter blips through a portal to a fantasy world where she’s a warrior princess, that aspect seems to work out fine. I like the mix of genre. So far it works out, but I do have concerns when all the super-villains start causing trouble for the family all at once and how everyone will react when their cover is blown and also when they realize they’re not so different from each other.

This comic has everything. You’ve got your typical super, Archetype, the husband who works for Biotix and saves the city from disasters. The home hospice worker just happens to fill the horror genre, being an expert on this occult with a Vampire arch-nemesis. Like I mentioned earlier, the fantasy warrior princess daughter, and boy genius with wicked alien mind powers. I’ll be surprised if the dog is normal. It feels a little disconnected at times introducing story lines for all the characters, but it’s entertaining. The characters aren’t the brightest having carelessly leaked their identities to their foes, but I suppose we had to get started somehow.

I enjoyed this issue. It was a fun read. I’m not sure why I stopped collecting it at #4. Maybe I’ll remember when I get there. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy the ride. It reminds me of the Illuminati University Gurps games I’ve played in the past. Wish I knew what happened to the book, loaned it out, forgot, and never got it back. *sigh*

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