Akaneiro #1 – The Path of Cloak and Wolf Part One


May 2013 | Dark Horse

Writing: Justin Aclin
Art: Vasillis Lolos
Colour: Michael Atiyeh
Letters: Michael Heisler

Wow. Crap. I dislike it as much as the game and it really didn’t add anything for me. Also creepy the Ainu tattoo black smiles on their faces to make sure they always appear to smile even when they aren’t. And I’m talking BIG clown-faced black smiles. They even put in karma crystals. Really? A stupid currency that exists in the game for improving yourself and spending real money to obtain and it’s in the effing book. O. M. G.

In terms of story, it’s really stretching and painfully tiresome. We have two groups. Ainu and the Red Hunters living on the island. The Red Hunters kill dangerous yokai and protect everyone. When a ceremony is disrupted from a rampaging yokai, after our heroine, kani, helps red hunters defeat it, arbitrarily the Ainu wish to declare war on the Red Hunters. Like. WTF. Even when it’s established that the Red Hunters have helped them. This tenuous relationship between the two isn’t believably established. So how is it all resolved? Kani joins the Red Hunters to act as a liaison between the people. She’s not even Ainu, either. Her mother was, so that causes problems. And she must journey on her own without aid across Yomi island to the Red Hunter camp. And she’s already a kick-ass fighter, and nothing was previously established to indicate she would be.

About that Little Red Riding hood thing. Well, we have the references. She must don a red cloak and travel all the way to the Red Hunter camp. Plus some stupid misdirection which sends her to a place called Ghostclaw Village. There, they pretend to help her and we get our obvious reference during her weapon picking there. She can’t start her mission without one, but there are too many, so what does our wolf say?

The better to train you with my dear.

:IOWEJfaiow;fjaiow;hg;awehg;awehf;aiowefj. That’s my opinion of this. Blargh! So painful!

The wolf yokai looked pretty cool. I’ll give the book that much. One panel. That’s all to like. This is not some dazzling re-envisioning of Red Riding Hood adapted to Japanese folklore. It’s utter crap.

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