John Byrne’s Next Men TPB #01

Next Men TPB #1 Cover


Dark Horse Comics

Writing: John Byrne

Sathanas, a strange being from the future, has come to the past to become ruler of the world. The Next Men, his superhero project, have escaped their virtual reality and found themselves fighting for their lives in the real world.

I had been meaning to read through this series for a long time, but had forgotten about it until I saw new issues at my LCS. I had been fairly certain the old one never concluded, so it excited me a bit knowing that this new stuff might just be that ending.

Alternative supers stories are typically easy buys for me. I like to break out from the normal faire flooding the shelves, and this one has been a good read. I particularly like how they know everything about the real world, but at the same time, don’t. It’s almost like some genetic memory. All the information is there, but they don’t understand how or why. Also, the differences in their knowledge is a nice touch. It makes their transition and problems with reality much more believable, like how they process new information.

Name’s Ducummen. Willis Ducummen. An’ you are..?

Danny. Ducummenwillis-ducummen–Can you help me?

A lot of things happen in this book and I still wonder what the future holds. Sathanas keeps assuring the congressmen that everything’s going just as planned, and while I do enjoy villains more than heroes, I’d like to see the Next Men get outta this one all right.

The art took me awhile to accept, though. I don’t particularly like it. I think the Next Men all look ugly and weird, but as I kept reading the book, it eventually stopped bothering me. That still doesn’t mean I don’t wish it were done differently, more that I tolerate it. The story is good and intriging enough that the art quality isn’t as important to me.

The rest of this series is on my list of things to read. I may start on the next volume today it was that good a read. It left a lasting impression making me want to see where the story goes to such a degree I’m impatient.

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