Kiss Me, Satan! #1

CoverSep 2013 | Dark Horse

Writing: Victor Gischler
Art: Juan Ferreyra
Cover: Dave Johnson | Juan Ferreyra

A werewolf mafia boss just learned his son isn’t a werewolf and he risks losing control of his tribe. To fix things, he goes after the witch who divined this bad news. Problem is, this witch happens to be protected by a demon working to get his halo back.

Holy crap is this good!  My pull list just earned its first title and I can’t wait to read more of this. This makes me think of a twisted, hard-boiled World of Darkness game. We have New Orleans, run by werewolves, with a dusting of supernatural elements like vampires and witches and…. some cigar smoking midget angel. Already that’s a great setting.

The art suits the book nicely, I liked the character designs for the witches and Verona’s eye is very awesome looking and creepy as all Hell. The action was portrayed very well, also. I really liked the panel of Barnabas leaping over the railing while opening up on his pursuers.

I don’t know who to root for, I feel bad for Cassian’s son not having the Mark of the Wolf and being victim to werewolf politics, but can’t he just have another kid? I mean, seriously. Anyway, you’d think there’d be advantages to having a plane-jane human son. He wouldn’t have all those werewolf weakness, particularly in the anger management department, he could be dead loyal and quite the asset dealing with human politics and society.

The witches I’d like to live. I always side with magic, so Barnabas has to succeed there, or I will be disappointed. The people I like most in anything always end up dead. Always. I shall bite my nails until issue 2.

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