Perhapanauts #1

Perhapanauts #1 Cover

Nov 2005 | Dark Horse

Writing: Todd Dezago
Art: Craig Rousseau
Colour: Rico Renzi
Letters: Todd Dezaago | Craig Rousseau

In Medias Res

At Cantele Self Storage, an older gentleman in a suit enters one of the sheds which leads to the underground facility of BEDLAM: The Bureau of Extra-Dimensional Liabilities and Management. He’s the new guy and it’s his first day.

What we have here is another Ghostbuster-esque X-Files story – a secret organization responsible for checking out the unexplained and it seems to be things from other realms that manage to cross over. Bedlam agents are responsible for sending them back. And of course, the team is made up of weird creatures. The team leader’s a psychic, there’s a ghost, bigfoot, the chupacabra, and some other guy.

Despite the concept not being anything particularly new, I really liked it. This issue had good flow the way it introduces the new guy, and us, to the story and characters. It also has a nice dose of humor splashed in. My favorite line in when the monster alters it’s shape to avoid being caught in a net.

Did… Did I just see that?

Did that thing just hydra on us?

I don’t care too much for the team, however. Big and Choopie hold the most interest for me and Choopie is likely to become my favorite.

In terms of art, it’s a good mach for the story. I almost would like to see it animated. I feel like I say this a lot, but I can just picture it perfectly.

Looking forward to reading the rest of this series, especially where this issue ends.

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