The Guild #1

cover2010 | Dark Horse

Writing: Felicia Day
Art: Jim Rugg
Cover: Cary Nord | Georges Jeanty

Cyd, a violinist in an orchestra with a boyfriend in a rock band, lives a depressing life. Things start looking up for her when she starts playing the MMO The Game.

I’ll just get it out and say I don’t know anything about The Guild. I’ve heard of it, I know it’s a web series, but it never interested me. Truth be told, I wasn’t very interested in this book, but curiosity can be quite harmful, especially since it kills cats.

Getting into things, the writing isn’t anything special, pretty average, but at least the pacing is fine. I don’t like the art at all. I found it very distracting and made it very difficult for me to remain focused on the reading.

For a story, it’s pretty decent. I’m sure many people can relate to Cyd, escaping depression and life drudgery with a video game. We all have the things we do to unwind and forget about all the bad stuff, so it’s interesting to see a comic delve into a person’s experience. Unfortunately, I have such a problem with the art, I’m unsure whether I will stick with this and try the remaining two issues. I guess we’ll see.

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