The Occultist #1

CoverOct 2013 | Dark Horse

Writing: Tim Seeley
Art: Mike Norton
Colour: Allen Passalaqua
Cover: Steve Morris | Paolo Manuel Rivera

Rob Baily is a college student possessed and in possession of an ancient book of spells called the Sword. With it’s power, he takes care of occult problems. This time, it’s an old orphanage haunted by white babies.

This is a more light-hearted, playful supernatural-themed book. I say this from the type of humour present in it. At first I was unsure, worried this would be on par with Scooby-Doo full of goofy hijinx instead of being something deeper. I’m pleasantly surprised. It’s a nice balance of chuckles and drama and looks like it’s shaping up to something potentially really good.

It’s a five issue series and I hope it’s gonna be enough to tell the story. A lot went on in the first issue, at least it felt like a lot. Things moved pretty quickly, enough to feel like it’s going somewhere interesting, especially with his friend whom I get the feeling is not a good guy by what’s going on with him and a few things he’s said and done. I’m curious what these gates which were mentioned are and what role the girl at the end will play.

I like it. It’s getting added to my pull list. I want to know where it’s going and what’s going to happen. Rob’s powers are pretty interesting, too. I want to see what else he does with him and what other things are out there. The wight babies were pretty awesome.

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