Batman Returns – TPB

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1992 | DC

Writing: Dennis O’Neil
Pencils: Steve Erwin
Ink: Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez
Colour: Tom McCraw
Letters: John Costanza

Comic adaptations of movies isn’t something I typically collect. Prequels and sequels generally hold more interest as a lot more thought and effort is put into them and it really shows.

I remember when I picked up this book. It must have been shortly after I had seen the movie in theaters. I’m not ashamed to say I liked it. It was to be the last Batman movie I would like until Batman Begins. I bought it a bookstore that has since long expired. I don’t, however, remember ever reading it which is why I chose to to mix up a nice chocolate malt, sit down, and read.

What we have here is an awful attempt to cram the events of the movie in 64 colour pages. It’s crammed with panels of decent art that more-or-less captures the visage of their on-screen counterparts. Nothing special and not much variety to the colour. Very minimalist in the shading and details department.

The story comes straight from the movie almost line-for-line when it counts but with several stupid additions to probably add kid appeal along with removal and replacement of the swearing. The continuity is very hacked to the point everything is smashed together and many events are seriously shortened to the point they barely make sense without having seen the movie.

It’s terrible. This book is terrible like every other piece of fandom mass-produced to squeeze every penny in your pocket. I can see no reason for seeking this out, even for the most hardened, obsessive Batman collector. It’s crap!

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