Batman – Superman – Wonder Woman: Trinity #1

Image and video hosting by TinyPicAug 2003 | DC

Writing: Matt Wagner
Pencils: Matt Wagner
Ink: Matt Wagner
Colours: Dave Stewart
Letters: Sean Konot

Ra’s Al Ghul has freed Bizarro and is using him to help achieve his goals of genocide to allow the planet a fresh start. Batman and Superman have been working together to unravel this plot while later, Diana meets Superman for the first time. The two of them work together tracking down the stolen nuclear sub and infiltrating the nearby subterranean base.

I’ve always had a hard time with the supers genre. I love it and love the creativity and concepts flying around, but very rarely do I ever actually like anything I read. This book interested me mostly for the vintage styled cover and the three characters involved. I’ve always like Batman, being a normal guy that relies on his equipment and ingenuity to save Gotham. I hate Superman because it always comes down to Kryptonite and I’m sick to death of that. My only exposure to Wonder Woman was that old live-action television series, so I thought it would be interesting to see more of her and see how these three characters interact.

The story is interesting. I don’t know anything about Ra’s Al Ghul, but I really like his extreme views on what’s best for this planet. I really want to see how he plans to annihilate everyone. This amazon working with him is also interesting, but I feel it’s a bit too convenient to pull Diana into the story. Mistaking Superman for Bizarro is good enough. Helping him out as an extent of her apology works fine. Maybe their inevitable confrontation and how the story unfolds will help alleviate this? I hope so.

I really don’t like Wonder Woman. I don’t like her extreme feminism that border lines outright man-hating. It makes my stomach turn. Superman’s just doing his thing. He doesn’t her capabilities, cut him some slack. There’s no need to seethe about it. Ugh! I really hope that changes, or I don’t think I’ll be able to get through this.

Im really conflicted over this, but I’m going to keep reading and hope the story is immersive enough for me to get over my irritations and disgust.

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