Just Imagine Stan Lee’s Catwoman

2002 | DC

Writing: Stan Lee
Pencils: Chris Bachalo
Ink: Richard Friend
Colours: Alex Sinclair
Letters: Bill Oakley

On The Street
Story: Michael Uslan
Pencils: Darwyn Cooke
Ink: Mike Allred
Colours: Alex Sinclair
Letters: Phil Felix

Oh Stan, must you feel the need to tell us EVERYTHING that’s going on? That really brings down this book making it almost a painful chore to read as every thoughts and comment on what’s going down gets verbalized. This really bogs down the story and action to the point of loathing. Here we have a decent idea of Catwoman’s origin, her life as a model, and that green lightning bestowing her powers. All that text, all that explaining and commenting. Who talks to themselves that much, about everything? I can’t stand it.

At least the art is decent.  Typical, but still decent. It’s hard to enjoy, though, with all that writing and reading you have to do. The desire to enjoy the art is overridden with the sheer need to get through the book as fast as possible.

The second story has a different style and less irritating writing, but the story is pretty lame. Just an angry neighbor who’s also a model competing with Joanie, mad at her for her cat trying to eat her bird which she carries around in it’s cage everywhere. There’s some karate action in here that turns out to be a misunderstanding. We get more of the super-heroes-should-be-locked-up-for-inspiring-vigilantism speech from pops followed by the teamwork counter, then all is laugh and giggles.

What an awful book. The whole appeal in getting it was for the new take on a favorite character of mine. What was I thinking. I should have known, it is Stan Lee. At least it isn’t as bad as other books he’s done, but it’s still a tedious read.

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