The Warlord #1

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Jun 2009 | DC

Created By: Mike Grell
Writing: Mike Grell
Pencils: Joe Prado
Ink: Walden Wong
Letters: Tob Leigh
Colour: David Curiel

Boring. Boring and recycled. Had I known this would be another Land that Time Forgot Shangri-La find-of-the-century treasure hunt, I’d have never bothered. Thought this would be a fantasy, I did. The cover and title seemed to allege that, and in a sense it is, but I wanted pure fantasy.

I am so overall unimpressed and bored by this, words are hard to come by. I don’t even want to bother explaining the story. It’s not interesting and not worth my time, so I’ll give it to you in a nutshell. On an climb in Tibet, this girl finds a perfectly preserved dinosaur. An expedition disguised as a spontaneous climb is launched. There’s a shootout with the Chinese who’ve also launched their own expedition. The cave is found and there’s a portal. They go through, and it’s the Land That Time Forgot. Don’t know how much time is passed, but it’s evident some has as we get our first date. Then man doing recon over Russia gets shot down and crashes. Poof! Into the Land That Time Forgot! I can’t go on. It’s so formulaic. Even the art makes me feel drowsy, so generic and dull. I need a nap.

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