Hack/Slash #1


May 2007 | Devil’s Due

Writing: Tim Seeley
Art: Emily Stone
Colour: Courtney Via
Letters: Brian J. Crowley.
Cover: Time Seeley | Stefano Caselli

Cassie used herself as bait to get close to a slasher. While in captivity and being tortured, she has flashbacks to her past.

Hack/Slash is another one of those series which I have collected and scarcely read any of. I honestly don’t know how it happens other than my collection growing quicker than I can read. On the plus, I should never run out of anything to read.

Getting down to it, I really like it. I like Cassandra and her sweet killer lunch lady mom that would butcher up all the stupids that messed with her daughter. That’s devotion for you. I also really like Vlad. He’s a loveable Jason-like character and I like his manner of speech. He’s adorable.

It was a bit of a strange issue, having the flashbacks in the middle, which made things seem a little disjointed and drawn out, but it had a point and after the slasher was dealt with, things moved right along and introduced us to the next target.

I have no idea if Hack/Slash is still going, but that’s all right. I have thirty some issues to read before I hunt for more.

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