Buck Rogers #0

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Apr 2009 | Dynamite

Writing: Scott Beatty
Art: Carlos Rafael
Colour: Carlos Lopez
Letters: Simon Bowland
Cover: John Cassaday | Laura Martin

I have never liked Buck Rogers. The television show was pretty boring and the only thing I really liked about it was Hawk, the bird man, and his awesome looking ship. Everything else I hated.

So I saw this on the shelf for a quarter. I don’t like Buck Rogers. I shouldn’t get it, but it’s a quarter. Fine. I don’t expect to like it, but it’s a break from what I’m reading and something new.

I knew this comic was coming, but didn’t know anything more about it. I don’t know if we’re getting the series redone, or something new. I just know from opening the cover, that it’s still Buck Rogers and starts more-or-less the same way. His spacecraft crashes on Earth and he finds himself 500 years into the future. The only difference, he’s older now and this is his last battle to save Earth.

Initial reaction? Those are some pretty weird alien cell creatures. In fact, they’re pretty awesome. The way they look and talk. Definitely not what I was expecting and it’s tickling my curiosity and opening me up to the possibility that this might not be a disappointment. Still, a quarter isn’t much to lose, but the quality art is a nice addition. I expected more mediocrity. 

A few more pages in and I’m feeling pretty good about this. Rogers’ first lines of his telepathic journal give me hope that the story and writing may actually be worth more attention.

Blah blah blah…

If “absorption” by you giant balls of snot isn’t an extinction-level event, I’m sure you’ll talk us all to death with that excruciating syntax.


Sometimes I wish my suit’s universal translator also had a grammar-check…

Finishing it, I’m intrigued. I didn’t care too much being suddenly thrown into the middle of a conflict, but I realize that was merely the beginning and I honestly want to know what happens next. Whether I’ll like the next issue remains to be seen, but it has served it’s purpose in igniting enough interest for me to add it to my pull list.

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