Savage Red Sonja – Queen of the Frozen Wastes #1

Aug 2006 | Dynamite

Writing: Frank Cho | Doug Murray
Art: Homs
Letters: Simon Bowland
Colour: Will Murai

Sonja battles some foes on a snowy battlefield and soon finds herself in the home caverns of hairy, Neanderthal-like cannibals.

Oh, Sonja. The only exposure I had to this character was that old movie. I had always been interested in seeing more of her and her world, as a change from Conan, but that never happened until I picked this book up.

Getting into it, it’s heart is the epitome of the scantily clad heroine fan service. We’re in the mountains, in a snowstorm, and while wearing a fur cloak, blown behind from the wind, of course she isn’t cold wearing a bra and loincloth of metal. I’d imagine it’d get quite cold. Such heroines have far better things to worry about than hypothermia.

Regardless of this amusingly brief irritation, I don’t particularly care, really. It just reminded me of the countless movies, books, and such I’ve been exposed to with such nitpicky flaws. An old roomy used to drive me nuts with such things, when really, it’s all about style. That Sonja is a badass should be enough to waver such frivol criticisms, but I couldn’t help but chuckle.

This has the old-school adventure I’ve missed a long time that makes me want to play a good old vanilla d&d game (or Hackmaster, the next best thing). Lots of action and fighting and the wonderful white yeti… It really goes fast and that’s the only complaint I have. All-of-a-sudden it’s over and look forward to seeing how Sonja gets out of this mess.

The artwork is rather nice, very fitting to the high fantasy theme. I particularly liked the designs of the Neanderthal-ish people and that yeti. Very, very, nice. Sonja isn’t too bad herself, either. While she’s not particularly my type, I don’t think I could say no. heh.

I hope the rest of this is hiding in one of those mailers. I really need more of this.

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