The Deep #1

CoverJul 2013 | Gestalt

Art: James Brouwer
Writing: Tom Taylor

Here Be Dragons

The Nekton family are a team of dedicated aquanauts living in a sophisticated submarine. When an earthquake off Greenland catches their attention, they head off to investigate the place, where an old, pencil-drawn map, is marked Here Be Dragons.

Really digging the art. Very cool pallets, vibrant, and has the crispness of a great cartoon. I absolutely loved the expressiveness of the pet fish. Strangely, he’s become my favorite character. While he’s a pet learning fetch and has only a three second memory, he seems to know who his keeper is and I’ll probably cry real tears should anything happen  to him. I have faith in the fish. He will have his moment and fetch.

This issue ended too quickly. Within a flash it was over and I’m left with a cliffhanger. Being a three issue mini, I wonder how it shall all come to a close. Can’t wait for more and I’ll be looking to snatch it all up next week.

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