A Skeleton Story #1

A Skeleton Story #1 Cover


Jun 2010 | GG Studio

Plot: Alessandro Rak
Layout: Alessandro Rak | Andrea Scoppetta
>Pencils: Alessandro Rak
Colour: Alessandro Rak | Andrea Scoppetta
Letters:Studio Blue
English Translation:Andrea Plazzi | Adam McGovern

Will used to be a crook, until he died. Now he works as a detective in the world of the dead and is chasing a living cat.

When I saw the cover of this book, I was reminded of the Grim Fandango videogame. I’m not sure if that’s why I picked it up, though. I’m not too keen on the cover, but the interior art is so nice and cutely creepy it sucked me in. It’s very colourful and I really like the character designs and what the world of the dead looks like.

Like the last GG Studios book I read, this has a really good translation. The story is interesting. I’m not entirely sure where it’s going. It begins with a crime gone wrong and a watery death then our main character, Will, finds himself in the world of the dead and given a second a chance at his life. He chose to be a detective, though it’s not obvious apart from his clothing. He spends the issue chasing after this black cat that happens to be still alive. Other things happen in the book, like talk of revolution, a criminal being set free and the start of some villainous planning.

Aside from the art, the book didn’t grab me too much. I have no idea where the story is going though, other than I know a living little girl shows up at some point, but that didn’t happen during the issue. There’s a lot that happened but the book doesn’t start connecting the dots for you, so the first issue has left me a little confused and that confusion is my motivation to get the next issue. I am curious to see what the story is all about, since the girl and the cat seem to be the focus of the it. I also want to know why there are living leaves blowing around the dead world and what this talk of “revolution” is about. However, what I read is easily forgettable, so there’s a high chance that I won’t get any further than this. We’ll just have to see.

Gore #1

Gore #1 Cover


Nov 2010 | GG Studio

Story: Alex Crippa
Pencils: Emilio Laiso
Colours: Alessia Nocera
>Flats: Domenico Nagliero | Alberto Baldisserotto
Lettering: Studio Blue
English Translation: Andrea Plazzi | Adam Mc Govern

Masks Part One

Venice, Italy 1880 AD. It’s time for the annual carnival, and people are mysteriously dying. It happens once a year at this time, when the portal from world of mirrored fairytales opens allowing the twisted residents to invade. The authorites deny foul play, and cover up the murders as best they can, but there’s more to the mystery. One man is determined to put a stop to it.

Right off the bat, I like the art. I don’t much like the shape of the hero guy’s head, but it’s no big deal. I’ll be shameless and say it’s all about the lovely curvaceous ladies, and the cover image did play a huge factor in my purchase. Though, I must say I’m pleasantly surprised there is actual substance to the book. I was fully prepared just for eye candy, but it has an interesting premise along the fable/fairytale lines.

… They’re the dark side of the fairy tales. Their opposite pages, if you wish.

My other surprise was a quality translation when I realized the book was actually Italian in origin. Also, the style of writing for the book has this feel to it I can’t really describe, a sort of slight over-the-topness you get from pulp stories. I’m typically not a fan of what I’m having a hard time describing, especially when it comes off as smarmy to me, but it’s all right in this book.

I am not too interested in the twisted fairytale angle. The dark side of the stories. The creatures you see seem to be a twisted little mermaid, a dwarf, and I think Cinderella is the queen, but that’s just a guess from what the guy said explaining what’s going on. It just seems kinda, I’m not sure, but I’ve seen lots of dark fairytale character art and such that I’d have liked something different in terms of demonic invasion. Still, I like the writing and art enough, and I’m curious as to why the authorities have their stance on covering the events, so I’ll keep reading it.

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