Groom Lake #1

Groom Lake #1 Cover

Mar 2009 | IDW

Writing: Chris Ryall
Art: Ben Templesmith
Letters: Robbie Robbins
Created By: Chris Ryall | Ben Templesmith

Part 1: Above and Below

Barnabus Bauer and his dog Scruffs were abducted by aliens 2 years ago in New Hampshire and later found by Leticia Pope and questioned about the incident. Later she visits his son, Karl to take him to see his father who had been presumed dead.

There is something about the large face of a grey with two cigarettes in his mouth that just screams “must buy”. And there is something about the large face of a grey with two cigarettes in his mouth drawn by Ben Templesmith that screams “do it now.”

Groom Lake is my first digital comic purchased with IDW’s App for iPad. The first issue is available for free, and I snagged the second issue for a mere $0.99. I didn’t have to pay a trip to my LCS, nor be tempted too much with so much dazzling inventory. I simply sat in bed drinking my tea browsing through their library for something new to catch my eye to give this paper-less comic reading a go.

Reading this book on my iPad was an enjoyable experience. I didn’t enjoy it any more, or any less than if I were holding a physical copy in my hands. If anything, I don’t worry so much about damaging the book while reading.

Aliens scare me. More specifically greys. I can’t really say for certain what it is, other than there is something about them that creeps me the hell out. Other aliens don’t bother me at all, though the movie Signs certainly messed me up and gave me chills.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the book. I didn’t read the synopsis given in the app, I just found myself mesmerized by the cover and the compulsion to take my chances. I am very glad I did.

This is on the pleasant side of weird and not without it’s horribles. The sight of what became of Barnabus and Scruffy and the explosion… That was some good stuff.

… You’ve got his eyes.


They’re, uh, stuck on your shoulder. Let me get those off you.

I like Archibald. He is a cool, funny alien. Actually, I like all the characters. They’re pretty likable and I like the crazy robot attack during the tour of the facility. Leticia’s dark humor is the best.

I’m intrigued to see where this story is going, why Karl is needed and what Achibald is up to. Is he really like that?

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