Infestation #1

Infestation #1 Cover


Jan 2011 | IDW

Writing: Dan Abnett | Andy Lanning
Art: David Messina | Elena Casagrande
Ink: Gaetano Carlucci
Colour: ScarletGothica

CVO, a top-secret squad of vampire agents, protect humanity against supernatural threats. The latest of their problems is an exotic biological weapon containment breach that has something to do with an interdimentsional portal leading into a zombie dimension. So begins the zombie outbreak.

This issue begins the Infestation story arc that affects IDW’s Transformers, GI Joe, Star Trek and Ghostbusters universes using CVO as the core. A dimension of zombies use a portal to spread out across other worlds to feed their zombie collective. They take control of Benny, with his artillica, and use him and Britt to gain the info and power they need to spread out to other worlds and expand their hive.

I take the eternal hunger to where it needs to go.

To new supplies of meat and knowledge.

The further I take it, the more it eats. The more it eats, the smarter it gets.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen intelligent hive zombies in anything before. I wasn’t expecting this book to have much substance, just expected another gratuitious zombie tale to entertain and easily forget. This issue actually shows some substance. Yes, it is a bit crazy when you get down to it. I mean, a dimension of zombies using portals and stuff? That does sound retarded, but the writing is really good and it seems well thought out which has me even more excited to see the effects on the other universes. It sets up the crises really well. I can only hope the quality holds out.

Another thing I almost worried about was not being familiar with CVO. I have never read any of their books, but they give a rundown of the organization and characters and also give references to their issues with some topics. As I read the issue, it became apparant previous knowledge wasn’t necessary. I really like that in crossovers. Half the time I’m only familiar with one of the players and really want to read it, but I’ll often get lost with everything else going on.

I look forward to reading the next installment of the story arc and see how it goes. The art was really good, too. Britt is very nice on the eyes and I’m curious to what happened to her, or rather, this duality problem, not to mention how Transformers will faire. Zombie robots. Yeah. I really have to know.

Infestation Sketchbook

Infestation Sketchbook Cover


Jan 2011 | IDW

Art: Erik Burnhan | Don Figueroa | Kyle Hotz | Jorge Jimenez | Karl Kesel | Marcelo Matere | David Messina | Alex Milne | Casey Maloney | Agustin Padilla | Gordon Purcell | Dan Schoening | Stephen Thompson | JK Woodward

An artbook depicting zombie versions of Ghostbusters, GI Joe, Star Trek and Transformers characters by several IDW artists.

What a great little artbook. It’s full of black and white sketches and the transformers are my favorite. For those wondering what a Transformers zombie looks like, just imagine them really, really broken and leaking. They all looked awesome. I also liked the Uhura picture and Cobra Commander. Snake Eyes looked really good, too. The Stay Puff marshmellow man looked like he had better days.

There isn’t much to say about this book other than it has a lot of great art. I’m a big fan of zombies and the featured universes, so I simply had to get it. I’m also really excited about Infestation, so it’s got me all hyped up.

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